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inner circle service

The Inner Circle is excited to serve and help out in communities, literally all over the country! Service in the community is a vital part of what we do. As artists, empathy improves what we create.

IC Founder Joachim Moore grew up serving in the communities of
southeastern Wisconsin and became intrigued by the people he met, all with a story. In gratitude for what was taught as a youth, service in many forms (ie charity, philantrophy)  encompasses a large part of what we do - believe it or not!

Inner Circle Helping Hands is a group of artists within the IC Ensemble that are committed to work with:

impoverished and less fortunate communities throughout the west coast,
youth and adults free art classes (acting
 and storytelling)
seniors (particularly those in memory care)

Below are the places we pledge to serve in 2024:

St. Bens Parish

The Guest House of Milwaukee

Palm Springs Black History Committee

Greater Sacramento Urban League

St. Hope - Oak Park

The Portland NAACP

Feed The People-Seattle

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