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Joachim Moore

Founder & CEO

Joshua 'Joachim St. M' Moore is an actor, playwright, screenwriter, soundtrack musician, and curator for the IC. He has over 274 original works and counting.  


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Shanai Erdem

Shanai has been an ensemble member since 2019. She is an internationalal actress; she makes her IC theatrical debut in HALAS POWYŹEJ.

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Checko Valenti

*Field Operations 

Aside from acting, Checko V also works in *Field Operations; in charge of logistics for the ICs work moving across the US. Look for his next artistic work, his role as JOHN BROWN the abolitionist.  

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Tanner Adams

Tanner made a positive, immediate, artistic impact in the play 'HEART'. He will be featured in more theater and film for the IC this year.

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Graeme Scott

We look forward to working with Mr. Scott this year, who is another international actor. He will play a key role in our Visionettes this year when the IC ventures up to Canada. 

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