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" I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (go Bucks). I watched my father work so hard embracing the blue-collar work ethic; his inspiration along with the talents of my siblings led me to the work I do now. I participate in a plethora of hobbies and I love sports. This old man (me) still plays on a baseball league from time to time. However, one thing I continue to think about when I hit the mount to pitch, or when I go up to bat is when I can no longer swing and hit, how much further will my voice go, my mind? So took it upon myself to teach, history- THE TRUTH - through art. All is done via acting, directing, writing, painting, sculpting- you name it. The ensemble I have behind me currently represents 5 different countries- soon to be more. WE ARE LIKE MINDED in the sense that we believe in creating work that highlights the underrepresented. We are our own world diaspora, for the greater good of all humanity. By the way,  shout out to Jean-Michel Basquiat, as he may be back in a different form.


Welcome to our art. Welcome to the Inner circle. "

The Inner Circle Arts Society was created by Joachim Moore in 2014. What started a filming skits with friends turned into a mission; the mission to create fulfilling stories that represents all. He believes that all to often we see film and visuals that strictly entertain, or at least try to. Our art is not only entertaining but informative in a captivating way; fighting the banning of books by telling our history in an artistic memorable way. 

After 2020 there has a tremendous spike of success which allows the I.C to venture out of California to present our art to parts of the midwest, east coast, and the pacific northwest. Our ensemble, small but mighty, has plans to increase in size in the years to come. We love to collaborate with artists and blend other talent into our projects as well. We parallel our art with social causes. All of our art-whether theatrical, film, or visual piece speaks for and promotes something that we should be aware of as a people. This is how we learn. We hope you enjoy this journey of art and understanding with us.

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