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Inner Circle Arts Society; the 


As of December 2023, we became a 501 (c) (3) organization which our founder Joachim Moore thought was essential in order to promote art that reflects true history, social awareness, and stories of the underrepresented. For the ICAS, this is done in the form of indie-film, live theater, paint, sculpture, literature and photo. With out motto being 'art for the people', its those people that we do rely on to go place to place in order to tell our story. Sure, we've set up shop in Southern California but our mission extends as far as the Pacific Northwest and New York City. Its not free to artistically educate to institutions around the US, hence the reason why we started this component of our organization!



To create and produce theatrical performances, film pieces, and visual art designed to educate the public on typically overlooked historical stories and to highlight social injustices in order to promote change.


The vision we have is to create a space to our art from anywhere in the world. Our founder Joachim Moore has over 400 works dedicated to art that represents humanity as a whole.

By 2025, we hope to be financially fluid through a combination of memberships, partnerships, annual donors, grants, and ticket sales to sustain ourselves for years to come. We will produce art and build relationships in new areas including Sacramento, Oakland, Berkeley, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, NY.   

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